Elizabeth White

Elizabeth White

Artist, Writer, Business Advisor

Artist, Writer, Business Advisor


I have been painting for about 15 years, in painting I find something relaxing, stimulating and challenging. Inspired by the ever changing moods of the Pennine landscape which I love, I use paint to create work that is contemporary and reflects the timeless qualities of the moors.The horizon facinates me, what is over the edge, the effect of a sunset as the rays hit the land. I also produce cityscapes and seascapes and enjoy working in abstraction often inspired by music.

As an artist myself I am aware of the difficulties of balancing creativity with the need for a professional approach when running a business and i have experienced considerable success with my unique programme of goal setting using a creative framework. My approach is friendly and relaxed and I consider my ability to communicate effectively to be one of my main assets.

During my career I have owned two galleries Littleborough Gallery and Fresh from the Studio. I have also been a Director of a Social Enterprise helping disadvantaged women and am enthusiastic about this business model. I was business editor of Craft and Design for many years and still contribute articles to this and other publications. I have also been a judge at the The British Craft Trade Fair.

As an Artist…

Inspirational to Elizabeth White’s landscape and seascape work is the meeting of land or sea and sky. Think of ‘the horizon’ and we frequently think of horizontal linear features, stabilising devices in the painters hidden geometry.

This is true of Elizabeth’s work, though she brings far deeper vision, informed through sketching and photographing at particular locations, moorland being a particular favorite. In this context she sees the subtle fusion of sky and land or sea through the infinite variety of light, colour and shape – ‘what is over the edge, the effect of a sunset as the rays hit the horizon’. And no straight lines.

Rosemary Holcroft

Water Street gallery, Todmorden

‘Liz’s skies are reminiscent of the great Fred Cummings, her use of colour is subtle and powerful.’

Tony Hogan

Liz’s painting reflect her love of the Pennines, she captures the mood and the feeling of space and her use of colour is inspiring.

Walter Kershaw


As a Business Advisor…

We have worked with Elizabeth in various ways over the past 20 years. Her ability to build a supportive relationship with  craftworkers, many of whom have little understanding of the business world, has undoubtedly been a major factor in their success.

Angie Boyer

Editor, Craft and Design

Elizabeth’s training is brought to life by her long running experience and detailed knowledge of the sector.

Alex Lamb

Design Initiative

Elizabeth’s workshops are always popular and well attended. Her enthusiasm is infectious and style of delivery is particularly appropriate to creative.

Lory Povah

Business Bolton